The Psychometric Indicators of Briggs and Myers

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Running Head: Attached Sheet Introduction Katharine cook Briggs and his daughter Isabel Brigg Myers are two of the most well known developers of testing and psychological indicators that are made to analyze the level of perception of an individual and how the individual makes decisions. These are the indications that were used by psychologists for the development of psychometric theories. In this paper, in accordance with the psychometric indicators of Briggs and Myers, some of the main personality traits indicated by the survey will be taken into account. How these mentioned traits can help in developing leadership and how these same traits could play roles in detracting from the oath of leadership will be the main aim of the paper. Four of the most important personality traits that were found with the help of Myers and Briggs survey includes extraversion, sensing. thinking and perceiving. These four traits are also referred to as ESTP. Extraversion Extraversion is defined by being positive, energetic, outgoing and decision making based on a positive impulse. There are many ways in which extraversion can help in making me a leader in the team. One of the main traits based on which leaders are known as better leaders includes positivity and impulsive decision-making. There is no doubt about the fact that the decisions are made based on the pros, cons, and risks in association with the decision. However, decision-making becomes even a stronger trait when decisions
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