The Psycopathic Mental and Personality Disordr of Charles Manson

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The Psycotic and

How we live our childhood and grow up can have an impact on adult years and determine how our minds are in regards to right and wrong. Charles Manson lived a terrible child hood, and no child should have to go through what he went through. This does not excuse what we do wrong, morally or unlawfully in our adult years, but can have a terrible impact on the mind. The schools for crime causation will help to try to understand Charles Manson, his childhood, adult live, and life of crime.

Charles Manson Charles Manson was not any ordinary man. He did not have a happy child hood, even in his teen years, and most of his life has been spent incarcerated. The schools of crime causation and some of their
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The ego carries out those drives, and “relates desires to practical behavioral alternatives, and the superego determines the standards of right and wrong acquired by the personality” (Schmalleger, 2007, p. 93). This relates to Charles Manson because he could only see past his needs and interests. “People who lack fully developed superegos are often called psychopaths or sociopaths to indicate that they cannot see beyond their own interests” (Schmalleger, 2007, p. 93). Manson had a plan and he was determined to see it through. Again, this comes down to the psychopath in Manson. It al leads back to Armageddon and not living in the real world. The main purpose for Charles Manson and the Family to do the gruesome murders was because of his plans to inherit the earth as the world ruler. Charles Manson was a smart man. Although his child hood was too horrible for any child to go through, Manson had enough sense to create a plan to start the next world war, that he studied Scientology and hypnosis. “Charles Manson, having grown up in reform schools and penitentiaries, was trained by professional criminal minds” (Lerma, 2006, p. 1). Manson realized that he could use scientology to his advantage, so he studied it and found a useful weapon. According to Arnie Lerma, (2006): What cannot be debated is that there was something in Scientology that a serial killer criminal mind found very appealing, useful…it was a TOOL that empowered him, that provided

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