The, Public And Private Partnership

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Introduction Currently, as we have seen in our class studies, there are many diverse topics and issues related to today’s changing workplace. These include advancements in technology, global markets, social media, evolution of unions and human resource, and Public Private Partnerships. The State department for which I’ve been employed for the last 20 plus years has chosen to go into the three PPP’s, Public/Private Partnership. This is something which has been around since the late seventies/early eighties both in the United States and elsewhere in the world, yet many people are not aware of.
This paper will address many of the issues related to the “human resource”, the people, those who do the jobs, the workforce, the pillars holding up the bridge, and also reflect the road which has been chosen by management and its impact on the department;
• Diversity
• Downsizing/attrition
• Pensions
• Cost/Services
• Hostile practices vs. grievances/disputes Further, this paper will illustrate how these topics have impacted the organization, how the organization has responded and recommendations to offer based on my analysis of my 22-year employment history and the departments past and current approaches.
In order to provide an organizational profile for the state government department where I work it is important for the reader to know that it is a centralized authority, autocratic, bureaucracy. In the past history of the department, one need only imagines a
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