The Public Broadcasting Service At The Super Bowl Halftime

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The Public Broadcasting Service which was founded in 1970 was the first network to ever show nudity on television. Once in 1975 and a rerun in 1986, ever since then it had been escalating. It started off with full frontal female nudity, at the time it wasn’t too bothersome, but since then, time has been changing. As of 2004 and because of Janet Jackson’s breast during the live performance at the super bowl halftime show caused a moral panic causing the Federal Communications Commissions to make their rules stricter and all because of the public pressure. Due to this premium channels such as ShowTime and HBO who let you watch TV over the cable without ads decided to be more bold and ballsy by providing content not available on normal…show more content…
Anyone who has seen the show will tell you that it is about a man addicted to alcohol, drugs and sex. At times it may seem like he is selfish and fears no consequences for his actions. Some may even say he is a womanizer who doesn’t respect or even care for the women he speaks to. As the show goes on, it is clear that there is more to Hank than just booze, cigarettes and females. He is still in love with his ex; Karen who is played by Natascha McElhone. He is a father of a 12 year old girl named Becca whom he shares with Karen, the love of his life, or so he thinks. After moving to Los Angeles, he suffers from writer’s block and gets caught up in the cities superficiality and shallowness. This causes Hank to get deeper into his self-destructive tendencies. The relationship he has with his daughter is quite abnormal, although she is 12 she’s been exposed to more mature things which has caused her to grow up a bit quicker. Hank being the alcoholic he is falls asleep on the couch during his turn to take of Becca. She gives him a blanket, blanket, and even makes breakfast for him in the mornings. Becca even asks about Hank’s vasectomy he gets done in one episode and asks him “how the boys are doing”. To most people this would seem a bit inappropriate and even child neglect. In the first episode, it starts off with Hank running out of a woman’s bed whose husband just got home. First thing being portrayed could be is that he has no morals, why

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