The Public Choice Essay

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The Public Choice For some parents, deciding on a school for their children can be a difficult decision. Many parents do not spend much time thinking about it; they place their children into the local school designated by where they live. Others attended a private school themselves and found that it was a beneficial experience and therefore want the same for their kids. But which is better: private schools or public schools? While there are many advantages and disadvantages in each (nothing is going to be absolutely perfect), we are going to focus on the benefits of an education in the public school system, or in other words, schools funded by the government that are for anyone to attend. An accurate definition found in the…show more content…
They may not ever discover something they are really good at because they never had the option of experiencing it in their school. In Choosing Schools by Jerome J. Hanus and Peter W. Cookson, two authors mainly in favor of private schools, they still point out that “both…schools have sought to produce citizens capable of reading, writing, and doing arithmetic; both have taught requirements of citizenship…through…history or civics and [in encouraging student governments]”(12). Most of the time, these classes are incorporated to fit with the specific studies of the institution. The difference in public schools is that most students can choose from many classes ranging from working in a woodshop building a cabinet right after studying about the civil war or singing in a choir following a stressful math exam. From my own personal experience, I would not have survived high school without these “break” classes. If I were in a school that focused strictly on machines and engineering, I would have been overworked in those areas and may have come to the point of being sick of them. Plus, any other interests that I had, I could not do much about. I was fortunate enough to attend a school with a fine performing arts department in a regular middle class neighborhood, and I can say that those programs kept me going throughout each day. Do you think they would have a good performing arts program in an engineering school? A friend from high
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