The Public Companies, Invigor Group Limited ( Ivo ) And Ansys

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The purpose of this report is to analyse the two public companies, Invigor Group Limited (IVO) and ANSYS, through the use of equity valuation techniques to evaluate whether an investor should invest in either, one or both of the companies. There are two main equity valuation techniques that can be used - the free cash flow (FCF) model and the residual income model (RIM) - however, this report will only examine one model in detail, and explain why one model was chosen over the other. With the volatility in the market and the unforeseen circumstances of each company’s future, we will be justifying our assumptions in our analysis to enhance our accuracy. This report will also examine the background of each company, and forecast
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It specialises in innovative business intelligence, big data solutions for businesses and consumers which are supported by strategic consulting, development and marketing services.”

Invigor Group Limited is an Australia-based information technology and digital solutions company. Founded in 1998, the company specialises in developing innovative digital technologies and data analytical softwares in relation to online advertising, website design and the development of mobile applications. In other words, it specialises in developing websites, mobile applications and softwares (different platforms) to track, analyse and deconstruct online consumer behaviour, activity and trends. This allows businesses to analyse strengths, weaknesses and demand gaps by better understanding trending consumer interests and tastes, insight about product and sales activity, consumer opinions/reviews of products and much more. The company has been developing consumer-based online websites for the past 15 years, including:
GetPrice - an online (retail) price comparison site for consumers
Menulog - an online take-away and food delivery website that provides you with all the different options (cuisines) available from local places that deliver food - very unique, because consumers always like to try out new, different types of food - and Menulog provides you with a list of all the possible cuisines within your area, and rates businesses based on speed, ratings
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