The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

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Abstract: On October 11, 2011, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) proposed a new rule. The rule is meant to name the engagement partner and other key participants who play a role in preparing audit reports. PCAOB believes that new rule would help to get more information and would be useful to investors, creditors and other financial statements users. After six years of debate over the intended and unintended consequences the PCAOB concluded and issued the rule on December 15, 2015.The objective of my research was to reflect my expectations for the consequences, both intended and unintended of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board of the new rule. The PCAOB’s final article “Improving the transparency of audits: Rules to require disclosure of certain audit participates on a new PCAOB form and related amendments to auditing standards” release No. 2015-008 issued on December 15, 2015 was very crucial for my research because it gives first hand perspective of the new rule. Executive Summary The Public Company Accounting Oversight is a nonprofit corporation which, in 2002, Congress granted power to inspect, investigate, establish auditing guidelines and set standards for public accounting firms who provide independent auditing reports. The purpose is to create guidelines and rules to protect all stakeholders who would utilize financial reports, especially the general public and investors. An increase in transparency and accountability grants
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