`` The Public Good Be Damned ``

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d!oes he mean? How does this issue relate to the novel’s theme? !
When Rearden declares: “The public good be damned, I will have no part of it!” he refuses the looters’ insistence of sacrificing his production and happiness for the sake of others. He is attacking Collectivist philosophy by accepting reality; one must produce for their own self- interest in order to pursue their own happiness. The Collectivist’s persistently try to deny reality and thereby break Aristotle’s law of existence: “A is A (1038)”. If one believes A is not A, logically they contend a person’s sole motive to live is not for himself, rather, to live for others. This premise of self-sacrifice prioritize faith, charity, and force above all else. His declaration condemns the entirety of this value system and coincides with the philosophy of Atlas Shrugged; Collectivism is evil because of its ability to drain the mind of its “volitional consciousness (1012)” and the assumption of rights based on need, as opposed to ability. The novel labels and exposes the methods Collectivists spread their evil: by debilitating the producers and general public. The producers, through their guilt and force; the public at large by draining their capacity to think. !
Although he is preaching Objectivism, Rearden lives according to this philosophy only partially. An Objectivist believes a person’s highest moral purpose is to pursue happiness through their values. He obtains the values, but subjects himself to guilt and
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