The Public Health Practitioner That I Interviewed

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The public health practitioner that I interviewed is Mr. Raed Mansour. Mr. Mansour is the Executive Assistant to the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health. Mr. Mansour is also the Chicago Department of Public Health Innovation Projects Lead. The interview took place at CDPH, DePaul Center, 333 S. State Street, Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60604, on Thursday Sep 24, 2015 3pm – 6pm (CDT). Initially, Mr. Mansour scheduled an hour of time for this interview, however, as our rich discussion evolved, Mr. Mansour re-scheduled his remaining tasks for the remainder of the work day. This allowed for me to gain even more insight into his work and working in public health. Prior to our semi-structured interview, Mr. Mansour introduced me to several employees of the CDPH and gave me a quick tour of the facility. This created a relaxed and comfortable interview session, once the initial ‘ice-breaker’ concluded. I informed Mr. Mansour that the interview is a course assignment and not research as well. The main interview took place in a board room, where we could speak in private and have a personal interview session. I initially began to record the interview, however, due to technical difficulties and many things said that were requested to be “off record”, note-taking took priority. Even though note-taking was a longer process, I managed to gather several full pages of notes while maintaining eye contact and open body language. The interview had predetermined questions
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