The Public Is Powerful, Complex, And Flawed

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If I have learned anything from this course, it is that the public is powerful, complex, and flawed. The public strives toward an alluring conception of citizenship and freedom, but can easily be undermined when a commanding elite is receiving all the power. As members of the public, we want to feel like we matter. If we cannot see or control the interdependencies of our society, where the community is and where we understand what is going on, then we cannot come together as a public to address these problems that plague the public.
Cincinnati is a pluralistic society. Therefore, it is inevitable that people will disagree when it comes to conceptions of the good life. Thus, so long as the government provides a neutral framework and
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In the beginning of the semester, many students took the campaigning route, following Cincinnati campaigns and also the presidential election. Lasch’s “the Lost Art of Argument,” argues that American’s in today’s society are being incompetent. They are no longer knowledgeable on current events due to the absence of public and political discourse. Lasch explains that in the past, citizens would be able to get a hands-on experience with political and economic aspects of our society because debates and public discourse were increasingly popular. Lasch asserts, “when we get into arguments that focus and fully engage our attention, we become avid seekers of relevant information. Otherwise we take in informative passively—if we take it in at all” (163). To continue, journalism ultimately dominated public discourse. The purpose of journalism is to present a debate with neutrality. However, this tends to be invalid, thus the media can often misguide its audience. As Lasch explains, we can save ourselves from misleading information, for when we engage in discourse with one another, rather than resorting to the media, one may begin to develop a stronger sense of their personal stance on the topic at hand. One must convey their perspective in both a persuasive and comprehensible way when standing their ground on opposing thoughts. After attending many debates for the
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