The Public Perceptions Of Police Department

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There are many possible solutions that will help change the public perceptions of the police. These solutions consist of the use of social media, training chiefs to be stronger leaders, and annual in-service training for the officers. The use of social media, such as department Facebook pages has many great benefits. A few benefits of police department’s using social media include building a relationship and a sense of engagement with the community, telling the real stories before the news can, gaining back their reputations, allows citizens to ask questions, and spread information more quickly (Burger, 2013). This has worked for many departments, but will only exist as a starting point. Another solution is training chiefs to be stronger leaders. Many chiefs are not trained to recognize officers engaged in use of force, so when use of force happens the department chief turns his head to it in order to save the departments reputation. If chiefs are trained then many use of force cases could be prevented. Another good solution is an annual training for officers that encourages a very limited amount of force unless necessary and how to behave in hostile situations. The best way to do this is through in-service trainings which have been proven by recent studies.
Factor of Use of Force There are many factors that go behind the use of force. These factors include how the officers are trained, the situation the officer is in, the suspect’s behavior whether it is cooperation or
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