The Public Presidency Communications and Media

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In the chapter entitled “The Public Presidency Communications and Media,” Matthew Eshbaugh-soha argues that media coverage is extremely essential for presidential governance. However, it is challenging to control and adjust to serve presidential purposes, for it is driven by different motives. A president’s goal is to increase coverage surrounding him to obtain support for his policies, while the media wants to sell the best headlines to increase their profit. Eshbaugh-soha argues that even though presidents have developed different tactics to maximize their media coverage, they often face failures in doing so. In this chapter, Eshbaugh-soha analyzes the different mythologies, through which presidents attempt to increase their…show more content…
Eshbaugh-soha asserts that, unfortunately for the president, the media frames its news for the purpose of making profit. Consequently, it is projecting entertaining, superficial material, instead of detailed, meaningful news of policies themselves that could potentially increase public support for the president. Hence, the media’s purpose and the president’s purpose do not meet. In this chapter, Eshbaugh-soha also urges his readers to evaluate the success presidents had controlling media. The descriptive nature of current media (versus the substantive) leads to producing negative news regarding presidents. Consequently, presidents may resort to going local, such as domestic travels, in order to generate more public support. Eshbaugh-soha argues that this is mostly ineffective because the tours usually target already supportive areas; therefore, not yielding any additional number of supporters. On the other hand, presidents may also resort to target different age groups, such as American youth. The effects of this are also limited due to the lack of motivation to seek political news in the first place. Matthew Eshbaugh-soha ends his chapter reassuring his audience, who might be individuals seeking a better understand of the underlying complications behind trends of presidential media coverage, that it is challenging to mold media and thus ‘persuade’ the people. The massive presidents’ resources are hindered by the

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