The Public Protest Of The Boston Tea Party

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A man watches a white crescent moon shining upon a Boston harbor. As he sat and watched the light reflect on the roaring sea, and hear the waves crash against the shore, he catches a peculiar site. Wild men they seem to be, throwing boxes of tea into the calm ocean waters from three British cargo vessels. The incident became The Boston Tea Party, which occurred in the year 1773 three years before the Declaration of Independence was issued to King George lll. Through these actions and many more acts of civil disobedience the citizens exercised their individual rights to a peaceful protest to hopefully help present the idea that what the monarchy was doing for instance, taxation without representation, trade barriers, and many more acts were…show more content…
These changes could not have taken place if it weren’t for King and his followers’ protests. When faced with a peaceful protest, the government was able to listen to and address the concerns of their people, and it made America a greater nation. As much as it is our duty to make changes, it also imperative that we follow the laws that are put in place to keep justice, order, and peace. As the philosopher Thomas Hobbes said “In the place where the laws do not exist, insecurity and chaos are the norm. What’s more, civilization cannot occur in a world that is lawless” (Hobbes 256). Drinking and driving is one example. From all 35,000 fatal car crashes in the United States 9,000 of those crashes involved some form of alcohol. Those fatalities could have easily been avoided if the people would have obeyed their civil duty and followed the law. Jury duty is very important due because you’re helping the government come to an important decision. It was invented by our founding fathers as the final checks and balances of the United States justice system. U.S. citizens work in tandem with the judge and their fellow jury members to execute an honest and fair trial to decide the fate of the defendant. “The protection of our rights and liberties is largely achieved through the teamwork of judge and jury who, working together in a common effort, put into practice the
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