The Public Relations Of New Zealand Essay

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This essay will critically analyse the Public Relations Instititute of New Zealand (PRINZ) definition which states that public relations is “the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation and its target audiences”. The excellence theory, systems theory and relationship managament theory will be used to define and explain the above concepts, and their applicability to contemporary New Zealand examples. The inter-relatibility of these theories and models will also be explored.

The first two concepts in the PRINZ definition, outline the need for a campaign that is deliberate and planned. A successful public relations campaign must be planned and executed according to the organisation’s “needs, priorities, goals, publics and categories” (Mersham, G, Theunissen, P and Peart, J, 2009, p.8). In other words, a plan must be established which reflects the organisation’s core values and objectives. It is also essential to establish what an organisation expects from a campaign, as this will have a significant impact on whether a two-way or one-way model of communication is employed.
With this in mind, it is in every practitioner’s best interest to plan for a successful and effective campaign. Grunig (1992) believes the ‘excellence theory’ promotes this efffective public relations which is sought. He suggests excellent public relations should include, establishing quality relationships with its publics and the
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