The Public School Education System Is Failing Our Youth

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Hailey Hunter
Professor Graue
English Composition I
19th November 2015

The Public School Education System is failing our Youth While in high school, many students complained about standardized testing and how ridiculous it was our education standards were on the line for it. How we never learned anything long enough to remember it. Students are supposed to enjoy learning. Instead students dread their mornings and hours spent in a classroom. Pass the OGT or the new PARCC testing in order to graduate. Being taught at an impossible pace that many cannot remember the information for the next year but instead just remember for the moment. There are teachers who are sitting fancy, but don’t even do their job to the core standards. Looking at a few others who notice these flaws, a source from Sandra Stotsky’s article says:
To begin with, education schools supply far too many teachers with an inadequate background in the subjects they are licensed to teach. As one school administrator discovered when she examined her teacher 's’ college transcripts while preparing a proposal for a Teaching American History grant, “fully one third of our middle school social studies teachers had zero hours in college history courses.” Another 53 percent had fewer than ten hours of any college history. (Stotsky 44). Many teachers cannot answer your questions simple or not. They don’t have extensive knowledge to hold onto because of lack of passion or having such a repetitive way of teaching…
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