The Public School Scandal Of 2009

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This paper discusses the Atlanta Public School scandal of 2009 and the underlying causes of it, as well as the different theories of white collar crime associated to the scandal. White collar crime is often not thought of as a “serious” crime. There are many reasons for this notion, including that white collar crime often receives less media coverage than street crime. In addition, the hidden complex nature of white collar crime allows many incidents to go unreported and sometimes even undetected. One of the issues associated to the detection of white collar crime is that it is difficult to isolate just one person as the perpetrator unlike more typical street crimes such as with a robbery, assault, or murder. However, white collar crime is a serious crime, and one that can have serious negative impacts on society while victimizing many without their knowledge such as the students in the Atlanta Public School System Scandal. a. The Atlanta Public School System Scandal: In 2009 the Atlanta Public Schools system found itself under scrutiny by a local journal article that had published local test scores for the system’s institutions that cited incredible gains and “statistically unlikely test scores”. The test maker McGraw Hill, a prominent text book and test publisher, conducted its own investigation into the allegations and found that the wrong-to-right eraser marks in some schools were at a rate of 89.5 percent. McGraw Hill concluded that It was “virtually impossible for so

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