The Public School Scandal Of 2009

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This paper discusses the Atlanta Public School scandal of 2009 and the underlying causes of it, as well as the different theories of white collar crime associated to the scandal. White collar crime is often not thought of as a “serious” crime. There are many reasons for this notion, including that white collar crime often receives less media coverage than street crime. In addition, the hidden complex nature of white collar crime allows many incidents to go unreported and sometimes even undetected. One of the issues associated to the detection of white collar crime is that it is difficult to isolate just one person as the perpetrator unlike more typical street crimes such as with a robbery, assault, or murder. However, white collar crime is …show more content…
II. Edwin Sutherland & White Collar Crime:
While he was one of the most notable American sociologists to discuss the topic, Edwin Sutherland was not the first social scientist to write about crimes by those in the upper class. Sutherland was, however, the first one to lay the foundation for a theory on which the topic could be built. Sutherland’s 1939 theory behind white collar crime is that it is “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” Sutherland’s concept is limited in many ways, especially by its definition of white collar crime as crime committed by only people in high social status. We can assume from this that what is actually meant is people in a position of power, or even people of influence. Technological advancements in recent years have been used by several different types of criminals regardless of their social class to commit massive frauds and crime. Therefore, white collar crime is not a designation for the upper class alone. The law should apply across the board without discrimination on the basis of the social class of the perpetrator.
Presently, white collar crime is categorized by financially motivated nonviolent crimes committed by individuals, business, and government professionals. By this latter definition, this is exactly what we have
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