The Public School System Of Education

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The public school system of education in the United States of America needs to change for many different reason, we not only need for our schools to change we need it to be done as soon as possible. We live in a society where our children are failing to meet the academic standards or enhanced their social skills to be prepared for the outside world. My second reason for our schools to change is that they are overcrowded for insists one teacher in one classroom can teach up to 15 to 20 kids. My last reason is the budget for our schools, we are losing funding for many different things raging from materials to creative classes. Besides parents themselves teachers are extremely important because they are the key to our children’s education future. Madeline Levine said (“One thing we know for sure is that kids learn better when teachers are invested and paying attention and showing they care.”) Which is very true, you see without teachers our kids would be sitting ducks however, it is also up to us the parents to teach our kids as John Hood said in his article (“Providing students opportunities at school does not guarantee success if student watch television rather than do their homework and parents let them.”) We as the parents and teachers need some type of communication and understanding because our children are failing, some are struggle to meet the academic standards. The school board created this program called no child left behind and you would think that is a good thing
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