The Public Schooling System Is Not The Same Since

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The public schooling system is not the same since they have been dwindling down the right for religion to be in schools. Religion needs to be put back into the school system so then maybe people will be more informed on things out in the real world. I am not saying that it needs to be a required course, however, give students the opportunity to learn about it. Among just making it a course in itself one course it could be reintroduced to is the science class. They talk about evolution but yet they do not teach about creationism. In history classes they can reintroduce religion because important religious facts (like Martin Luther King Jr. being a black priest) have been taken out of school text books so people do not get offended. When I say religion needs to be put back in the schooling system I mean most religions that are in the world today and not just Christianity. Students would do a lot better in school if there was some sort of religious class being taught. I understand that schools cannot teach just any one religion legally because people in today 's world are taking the first amendment to seriously. However, if they could, they might see a lot of students excelling in school. This includes all students, because they are learning more about their beliefs and if they want, other beliefs as well as learning better how to cope with today 's society. It would have been better for me for the simple fact that I would have been relying more on God then what I was
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