The Public Stories ' Impact On Sexuality

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II. Analysis of The Interviews
i. The Public Stories’ Impact on Sexuality

While scholars have emphasised the importance of public stories on love relationships, the stories (both public and private) actually impact on intimate relationships and individuals’ experience of sexual behaviour. Terry said the reason for his gradually growing usage of the findom was an online video of female ejaculation that made him want to see if his girlfriend could ejaculate. He also searched for knowledge of cunnilingus online. Hana, as well, surfed the Internet discussion forum for first sexual experiences then gave her own opinion on what to do during her first time having conventional sex with her boyfriend. She also learned sexual skills from pornography. Emma’s boyfriend searched online then prepared the findom and water-based personal lubricants for their first time. Edward acted like an expert by himself but also mentioned learning from friends’ experiences that they shared with him.

Evidently, sexuality is learned through public stories and private lives (shared as stories). These two are, as Jamieson states, “both cause and consequence”, and indeed lack separation. People’s experience of intercourse is private, but when they post it online the story becomes public and discursive. The discursive power of these private stories has a snowball effect as they grow more and more powerful over time and reach more people. New beginners tend to look for their predecessors’ experience sharing…
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