The Public and Media's Influence on Government and Politics Essay

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Government and politics are greatly affected by many different aspects such as the public, the media, and much more. These aspects affect decisions that may be put into laws or the political opponents and their views. The public and media have major influence over the government and its politics. Public is one of the main things that influence today’s government. The public is important, especially in things like elections and new laws. If a president candidate was for abortion, then he would lose part of the public who believe in pro-life, but would capture the vote of the people who are all for abortion. People running for office take into account what they believe in, but they also how the public will view them. Most of the time, …show more content…
The main way that people are influenced is by their family. This is the first place that we are introduced to politics. Most kids grow up believing as their parents do as far as political views go. Another place that the public is influenced is through school. Kids learn about the Government and political parties through their history classes. If kids don’t have politically strong parents, then they usually get their ideas for what they want to be from school. Kids are directly influenced by their peer groups. Kids will do anything to be cool, even if that means they go against their beliefs. Friends have strong persuasion over kids. Geographic locations have a strong influence over the way people develop political ideas. For example, if you’re from the south, then you are more likely to be conservative. If you’re from the north, then you are more likely to be Democrat. It isn’t the strongest influence, but it does have some affect over people. Political leaders, for example, also try to convince the public to choose what political party they should side with. Political leaders persuade people to vote for them and their political party and hope they get the vote. Many things affect the way we develop our political views. The Government is greatly affected by political culture, especially who gets elected. Religion is a big factor. Religions have different beliefs and this causes some candidates
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