The Public 's Negligence Toward The Rapid Emergence Of Fake News

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The public’s negligence toward the rapid emergence of “Fake News” in the last few years, and society’s increased access to such outlets not only causes a decline in the credibility of beliefs and stances on the most sensitive current event topics, but it also crudely transforms and moulds the critical ideas, views, and workings of Democracy. The United States government, depending on who you may ask, may be referred to as a liberal democracy, a constitutional republic, or a federal republic. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a republic is “a political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them.” On the other hand, a democracy is a…show more content…
This often leads to script bias when media outlets, in appealing to “partisan audiences” for sake of business and viewer ratings, focus on a candidate’s positive achievements and contributions to society, rather than their opposing viewpoints to the majority (Andra Brichacek of U of Oregon School of Journalism). Resulting from such practices is a specific part of the population which religiously follows the news, unaware of other stances on the topics they follow, and their prefered candidate’s thoughts and goals on those topics. For example, during the 2016 presidential election, more liberal news outlets set narratives for President Trump, labeling him as racist, bigot, and unqualified for office, while outlets targeting conservative and “politically reformative” populations who were in favor of “draining the swamp” painted Hillary Clinton as a defensive, untrustworthy politician with too many secrets to hold in the white house. In response to such polarizing stances, the credible media, however biased, creates paths and openings for the distortion of facts and the manipulation of the public’s views and interpretations of the information they are handed. The fake media that the public is often exposed to reveals itself in satire, propaganda, and often, conspiracy theories. These forms are usually easily accessed through social media, which serves as a filtered means of obtaining information, filtered because its users

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