The Public 's Trust Act Of Law Enforcement

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Literature Review of Trust
I want to focus on the public’s trust in the profession of law enforcement. Law enforcement administrators are always looking for ways to enhance their departments image to the communities they serve. This is a tough task because there are many factors that go into the public’s perception of law enforcement. While a local agency may have a good relationship with its community an incident may happen across the country with the police misconduct and the local agencies reputation is damaged because of it. Police Officers have accepted a position that holds a great deal of authority and their actions are performed in the public eye. They are held by their communities to very high standards, with traits such as honesty, integrity, equity and professionalism being some of the most important. Every day thousands of police officers throughout the country do their job in a manner that is exemplary but it takes the actions of just one officer to tarnish all of these good works. Unfortunately these situations happen too often and seem to be increasing at an alarming rate.
We define trust as a certain belief and a sense of assurance that is based on strong but not logically-conclusive evidence, or based on some ones character, their ability, or truth that someone or something has shown over a period of time or over experiences (Cambridge, 2015). Trust makes for a sense of being safe or of being free of fear, enough so that one 's focus can be on
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