The Publics Interaction With Anxiety, Depression, And Its Treatment

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The Publics Interaction with Anxiety, Depression, and its Treatment Elijah-Smith-Antonides Community College of Road Island General Psychology Traci A. Rossi December 5th, 2016 The Publics Interaction with Anxiety, Depression, and its Treatment The treatment of mental disorders has made a huge amount of progress since the original days of cutting open a person’s head and letting the demons leak out. It seems that depression and anxiety are on the rise these days demanding more attention causing more research into handling and preventing such disorders. Even with more advanced knowledge of how anxiety and depression work there’s still a lot of misconceptions in our community. A stigma has been attached to depression and anxiety, a lot of people have misconceptions such as “they just want attention” or “men don’t get depressed”. The truth is that anxiety and depression disorders are real and pretending it’s not there will only make things worse. The best way to fight misconception, stigmas, and stereotypes is to educate and spread knowledge to the masses. It is important to be knowledgeable for many reasons including understanding the signs. The thought Is that only people who are depressed think about suicide and commit suicide but this is incredibly wrong, everyone thinks about suicide it’s just more prevalent in the minds of those who are depressed. People who commit suicide give many signs which is why it’s important to stop disregarding depression as if
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