The Publisher Of Our Sociology Textbook

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The publisher of our sociology textbook provides us with a website of resources to further our learning in the course. These resources not only help in this course, but they can also be helpful in real world situations. From the website, I have chosen three course-wide resources and two chapter-based resources that I find useful. I have also explored the lives of various notorious sociologists. In the course-wide resources menu, there is an option titled “Web Resources.” In that page, I decided to click on the “Population and Health” category. There was a link that led to the U.S. Census Bureau website, so I chose to go there. The data that the U.S. Census Bureau provides is what I found the most helpful. I can use their data if I plan on studying a specific population for a certain behavior. I can also use this data if I want to compare the populations of two or more different locations. The “Name That Sociologist” option in the course-wide menu opens a new window with a game. This game tests your knowledge of notorious sociologists based off of clues given. I find this useful because I will need to learn the names of these sociologists and their accomplishments. I like this resource because it makes me challenge myself since receiving a new clue will result in a point deduction. This resource will come in handy when I study for exams that require knowledge about the sociologists. The “What Perspective Am I?” option in the course-wide menu is similar to the “Name That
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