The Pueblo Flood That Changed My View And Outlook On Water Essay

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The Pueblo Flood, something that anyone who is a native of Colorado has heard about before. When thinking about the flood, it has always been assumed at least for myself that was something that took place and not much thought was given to it until this became the topic of choice for this paper. The Pueblo flood occurred on the Evening of June 5, 1921. The flood that changed the town of Pueblo forever and is still even to this day the deadliest flood in Colorado’s History. However, what is not well known is the fact that there was not one flood but three, the devastation that overtook the town was monumental. The firsthand accounts were heartbreaking, the experience of learning about the flood has truly changed my view and outlook on water tremendously. The Pueblo flood facts are as follows; the flood occurred in 1921 in the month of June. The first flood occurred due to heavy rain that fell over a small area called Dry Creek which lies just above Pueblo, The Rise in the River caused the banks to overflow, this occurred on the evening of June 2nd. The Second Flood, which is known as the main flood took place on the night of June 3rd and will be the main focus of this paper. The Third flood occurred on the morning of June 5th due to the breaking of the Schaeffer Reservoir in an area known as Beaver Creek. The exact amount the height of the flood waters got to will never truly be known, but there is evidence though out Pueblo even to this day that documents how high

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