The Pulse Of The People

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Book Review Title: Pulse of the People Author: Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette Authors Biography: Dr. Lakeyta Bonnette is a native from Columbia, South Carolina. She is currently a professor at Georgia State University. She previously completed her undergraduate studies at Winthrop University and attended Duke University apart of Ralph Bunche Summer Institute and also University of California in Los Angeles apart of Ralph Bunche Summer Humanities Institute as well. And finally in 2009 received her doctoral degree at Ohio State University in the Political Science. While she attended Winthrop University she was the youngest to be awarded for Pat on the Back Volunteer state-wide. And she became a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority while in college (Georgia State University). Dr. Bonnette research is based upon pop culture, political behavior, black women and politics, political attitudes, African-American politics and public opinion (Georgia State University). While attending she attended Ohio State she became acquainted with the “Hip-Hop: Behind the Music Conference”, Coordinator of ‘Sisters for Success’, where she served as a President for the black graduate and professionals of the student caucus (Georgia State University). Publications Dr. Bonnette has published are: Pulse of the People: Political Rap and Black Politics. University of Pennsylvania Press.“Behind the Music: Black Political Attitudes and Political Rap Music.” Journal of Racial and Ethnic Studies Review “From

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