The Pulse Rate Of Heart Rate

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The present study was carried out in human subjects to measure the pulse rate in terms of heart rate by using heart rate sensor instrument. The heart rate was measured during resting state, after exercise and after watching salamanders. Phobia of particular animals can change the heart rate when approaching scared animals. 11 The results revealed a significant increase in the pulse rate during the exercise as compared to the resting state. A Similar trend was seen after I watched salamanders as well. From the study, it was concluded that heart rate increases during exercise to maintain the requirement of blood by the muscles. There was not a significant difference between the state of resting and state of exercise. On the other hand, the pulse rate was statistically significant between the rest and watching salamanders. There was a significant difference between resting state and watching salamanders state. Watching salamanders has more impact on heart rate than in resting state. These effects on pulse rate and pulse wave were conducted by using heart rate sensor instrument. Watching salamanders has much more effects on heart rate than in exercising state. My null hypothesis is accepted due to watching salamanders causing the heart rate an increase.
The cardiovascular system comprises of central pumping structure heart, blood vessels and circulating fluid blood. The flow of blood to different tissues is regulated by the heart that is instead regulated by
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