The Pumpkin Alternate Ending

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She lowered the knife and it grew even brighter. They hid behind the door trying not to make a sound. The tall, skinny lady looked like she hadn’t gotten any sleep in days, and was very concerned of the bright as the sun pumpkin in front of her. She gently touched the pumpkin with the knife, and it looked like guts and pumpkin seeds were about to splatter all over the walls. The knife went about a half and inch in the pumpkin and a very strong gush of wind went in a circle around the pumpkin like it was forming its own tornado. The lady slowly backed away from the pumpkin till she was pressed up against the wall like something was holding her back, in the dark tiny room in the cellar of the house. “I don’t like the idea of this, ” Mia whispered into Ava’s ear. “It’s fine. Can we just stay a least a couple more minutes? I want to see this, ” Ava whispered back into her ear as they both squatted on the ground right next to the steep stairs of the basement. They waited a couple of more seconds and nothing happened. The lady looked confused. The strange lady again took the knife in her hand and lowered it down to the pumpkin as it once again grew brighter. The knife slid down all the way through the pumpkin. She gently took her shaking hand and opened the…show more content…
RUN! GO NOW!” Ava screamed as she was pushing Mia. They both rushed up the stairs and swung open the door at the top as the big, heavy, door that creaked when you opened it. The door leaded to the outside of the big creepy house. It was like a dog chasing a cat. Ava lived right next door so all they had to do was hop the fence and they were safe. Ava pulled herself up and leaped over the fence so fast like she had done that a million times before. and was perfectly safe but Mia was stuck. “Come on Mia! They are right behind you!” Ava shouted as she was peeking through the fence. Ava grabbed Mia’s hand and pulled her over. They both fell to the ground, and looked at each other with so much
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