The Punctuated Equilibrium Theory Has Had Much More Support Than The Gradualism

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NARRATOR: We begin our night at the Witte family dinner table. All the guests have finally arrived and fresh bread rolls complete with garlic butter have been served to everyone. At one end of the fairly large table, Gould and Lyell begin to have a heated conversation.
LYELL: *Clears throat* Ah, excuse me, Mr. Gould, but for your new theory, have you been successfully able to find any support for it?
GOULD: Why, yes, of course Mr. Lyell. The punctuated equilibrium theory has had much more support than the gradualism in the fossil record.
LYELL: Oh, really? If you would so kindly elaborate on this, it would be much appreciated.
GOULD: Certainly, Mr. Lyell. Well, I have found several specimens at one stage, and several at another instead
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Would you be so kind and pass it to me?
NARRATOR: As the task of passing the butter is completed, the conversation soon turns to Mendel, as Wade asks him more about the modern world.
WADE: So, Mr. Mendel, how do you like our modern world?
MENDEL: Ah, well everything has changed in this world. I am becoming very lost, very quickly.
WADE: Well, you know, not everything is changing. Actually, your discoveries on genetics are still valid today.
MENDEL: Well, thats one thing.
WADE: Did you know even Mr. Linnaeus’s taxonomy is around, and that was a century before you. And the math has not changed either. Politics seems to change, but it’s the same problems with different names.
LINNAEUS: Excuse me, but did I hear my name?
MENDEL: Yes, you most certainly did. We were talking about the things and ideas that change and the ones that last in this world. Your taxonomy is the basis for all the taxonomy around now.
LINNAEUS: Actually, not quite. They’ve changed it some.
MENDEL: And how, my good Sir, how did they change it?
WADE: I thought they only expanded it.
LINNAEUS: They did expand it, but they changed the ways in which you judge related animals. They now are all high tech with the DNA stuff. To me, it does not make too much sense.
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