The Punctuated Equilibrium Theory Has Had Much More Support Than The Gradualism

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NARRATOR: We begin our night at the Witte family dinner table. All the guests have finally arrived and fresh bread rolls complete with garlic butter have been served to everyone. At one end of the fairly large table, Gould and Lyell begin to have a heated conversation.
LYELL: *Clears throat* Ah, excuse me, Mr. Gould, but for your new theory, have you been successfully able to find any support for it?
GOULD: Why, yes, of course Mr. Lyell. The punctuated equilibrium theory has had much more support than the gradualism in the fossil record.
LYELL: Oh, really? If you would so kindly elaborate on this, it would be much appreciated.
GOULD: Certainly, Mr. Lyell. Well, I have found several specimens at one stage, and several at another instead of each specimen being slightly different from the other.
LYELL: That is quite strange. Are you completely positive it is not your limited source that may have caused this?
GOULD: Well, our sources are limited of course, but we do seem to be missing the intermediates. This explains why it would seem that they changed rather quickly, and then stopped and balanced out before the next great stage.
LYELL: They said similar things about the changes of the Earth, but now it seems clear that our geology did not come from a few disasters with calms in between, but that it is a continuous process. But evolution of the planet is closely related to the evolution of species, is it not?
GOULD: I do not doubt that it is. I am simply stating that the…
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