The Punic Wars

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The Punic Wars were made of three major wars. The last war was kind of a punishment for Carthage from Rome. The two powers in these wars were Rome and Carthage. Rome was controlling the main peninsula of Italy while Carthage was controlling the islands and trade of the Mediterranean. Rome and Carthage were once on a friendly term until things went south well. The Punic Wars have major historical content that involve both leaders on opposite side as well as the battles among the two city-states. These wars were about two powerful city states trying to see who is more dominant. These wars were like the US and Russia trying to show imperial power and show who is the bigger person in town. 1The first Punic War was from 264-241 BC. In 264 BC, Rome intervened in a dispute on the western coast on the island of Sicily which at that time was a Carthage province. The intervention was about an attack by soldiers from Syracuse against Messina. Carthage supported Syracuse and Rome supported Messina. The control of Sicily was at stake when both Carthage and Rome went into direct conflict. Before the war started, Rome had been rebuilding its entire fleet in order to confront Carthage powerful navy. Rome won its first naval victory at Mylae in 260 BC. At the end of the first Punic War, the Roman fleet indecisive won against the Carthaginians at sea which ended the Carthaginians legendary naval superiority. Sicily became Rome’s first overseas province. After its victorious win, Rome took

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