The Punishment Of Capital Punishment

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The concept of capital punishment is one that has successfully caused massive controversy in America throughout history. Also known as the death penalty, this is an extreme form of punishment that can be placed upon a person who has committed a crime (in most cases, murder) that the government deems worthy of execution. In current times, the death penalty usually comes as a result of extreme cases of murder in which the court decides the convict deserves to die. Because of its intensity, the topic is one that has been very debated amongst American citizens over time. Many oppose the idea because they believe it to be inhumane and unacceptable in many ways. However, as long as there have been those who are against it, there have also been those who support it. Supporters of capital punishment see it as a way of getting justice as well as a possible tactic of prevention. Throughout time, people’s opinions on the matter have fluctuated between the two differing beliefs, failing to ever find any points in between to agree on. According to The Changing Nature of Death Penalty Debates, written by two sociologists at the University of Florida, Michael L. Radelet and Marian J. Borg, people’s overall support for the death penalty went from 76% in 1991 to 80% just three years later (Radelet and Borg 2000, 44). The statistics in regard to people’s support of the death penalty among American citizens has continued to vary since then. In his book Capital Punishment, Third…

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