The Punishment Should Be Legal Punishment

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There are several rights that each person in the world have. These rights are not a gifts from anybody, but they are inherent rights that people obtain as a human being, such as the right to life and the right of liberty..etc. These fundamental rights are protected by the law and the state of the country in order to maintain the society system. People usually express these rights without limitation or control, unless exercise these rights encroached on others rights or breached the rules that the government has set. As a result from such breaches and unlawful acts, sometimes persons liberty can be taken away as punishment. Since the emergence of penalty institutions, there have been arisen debate about prisons regime and prisoners…show more content…
This decision is seems to be an obvious breach for prisoners right as a human and break the European Convention of Human Rights which Great Britain is member in it. This essay will discuss the supporters and opponents opinions about this deprivation from voting and include some political side and reasons for that act. In order to achieve addressing the question, this essay will present the purpose of the imprisonment, and then will move to present the origin of prisoners right, as well as this coursework will identify some prisoners rights under ECHR and report some breaches for these right. The last part of the essay will discuss deeply prisoners voting in the UK. - the emergence of prison as a punishment and its aims. In the medieval ages, the main objective of penalty was retaliation and people were reprise from the offenders individually. After that, the sanction developed from individual revenge to collective retribution which was executed under the supervision of the controlled groups and wrongdoers were penalized physically. Before the end 18th century, deprivation from liberty and imprison offenders was not known as a punishment, but it was place for housing perpetrators who sentenced with corporal punishment until the time of punishment implementation, or to harbour who committed crimes till their trial. As well as sometimes the use of prison was for political purposes where it was detention camps for those who were a serious threat to the governor and
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