The Punk Rock Culture

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Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the punk rock culture.

Thesis: The punk rock culture is something that you all have probably been exposed to, but may not know much about.

Organizational Pattern: Topical

I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. Chains, studded belts, and Chuck Taylors. Mohawks, mosh pits, and social defiance. What kind of person do you think of when you hear these phrases?
B. Relevance: Whether you were watching MTV, at a local concert, or walking through the Quad here at Illinois State, I am sure that you all, at one point, have encountered someone who considered themselves to be part of the punk rock culture.
C. Credibility: Personally, I have been interested in the
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C. The punk rock culture has undoubtedly had a profound and worldwide effect on society.
1. A person who identifies with the punk rock culture will be greatly affected as an individual.
a. People who see themselves as part of the punk rock culture may feel a sense of belonging, where as they may not be accepted otherwise. b. Lyrics Vault says that, "Followers of punk have a social and political set of beliefs, morals and standards indicating an absolute rejection of conformity". This leads to the belief in anarchy, or the absence of any form of political authority.
2. Social rebellion is synonymous with punk rock. There are many reports of social uprisings in which "punk rockers" have been a part of. a. As mentioned earlier, one of the most memorable of these rebellions was the Bad Religion riot, or more commonly and simply known as "The Riot". On December 29, 1990, a Fire Marshall cancelled a Bad Religion concert when it appeared the over-capacity crowd presented a safety hazard. When the cancellation was announced, the 1,000 agitated fans at the El Portal Theater erupted into violence, causing multiple injuries and over $25,000 in damage. News footage captured all the madness as beer bottles flew, firemen hosed the masses, and police "escorted" the more than out-of-control fans.
3. Lastly, followers of the punk rock culture have, at times,
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