The Punk Subculture And The Hippie Counter Culture

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Subculture is just a smaller culture within a much broader and mainstream or dominant culture and is used to study cultures. It basically explains how some groups behave towards society or other subgroups. The punk subculture is a counter culture and has a sundry selection of ideologies, music, and fashion. In the late 1960s is roughly when punks came about. They are more centered on their style of music called punk rock which is a more aggressive and fast-paced style of rock and roll. This music is a response to the hippie counter culture and some bands were more heavily influenced than others. By the late 1970s is when the punk subculture began to expand and increased the number of groups within the punk subculture like post-punk, pop…show more content…
Punk rock is also played by small bands. It was sometimes played by a solo artist but not usually. In a punk rock band there is one vocalist who does most of or all the singing, two electric guitarists, an electric bassist, and one drummer. When the musicians of the band do lend backup vocals, they are main just shouting slogans or choruses. When the punk subculture first came about, most of its members were in the lower economic class. They had become tired and jealous of the wealth of those who dedicated themselves to popular rock during these times. What they did to combat this was publish their own music or sign with small independent labels, in hopes to receive some wealth as well in what they saw as a money hungry music industry. Due to the use of drugs, immoral sex, and deep and sometimes violent power struggles, most early punk rock bands were short-lived. Though these punk rock bands were short-lived, their respective popularity evolved punk rock into a lifestyle and a movement. From the view of an average spectator, the dress code of a punk might look dirty and disorganized with no thought put into it, but this poor and torn clothing is carefully put together and arranged. The idea of what some people call insulting or indecent is the reason why punks wear this type of clothing. They want to look offensive and dirty to the normal eye. Their clothing was modified with everyday objects to have that aesthetic look and style that everyone else would hate.

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