The Puppy Mill, By Oprah Winfrey

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Imagine what life would be like living in a cage. Imagine being enclosed in a space that barely clears 6 inches of room in either direction, not allowing any area to stretch out, sit, or even sleep comfortably. Imagine not being able to shower, or feel the underfoot sensation of soft wisps of grass, or embrace the comfort of a bed. Now, imagine living like that for an entire decade. For dogs raised in puppy mills, imagination is not necessary to experience these conditions. As proven through Oprah Winfrey’s special exposé of puppy mills, the aforementioned depictions are nothing but factual about the conditions of the puppy mills inspected in the nationally-broadcasted episode, as well as the standards that the 10,000 other puppy mills in the United States run on (Oprah Investigates). The puppy mill problem has universally been established as a horrid, unethical way of supplying animals to the pet buyers of the world, but the problem is never solved. While the government can write down law after law of standards for ethical animal treatment, nothing will change because it is so loosely enforced, as many other issues take priority over inspecting the millions of pet breeders producing in America. Instead, this issue can be taken into the hands of the caring individuals who make up the population of pet consumers in America. Since 99% of pet store puppies are actually supplied by puppy mills, any business that is given to pet stores will, in turn, support the puppy mill

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