The Purchase Of Louisiana Posed Essay

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The Purchase of Louisiana posed several important moral dilemmas for American President Thomas Jefferson; among these were the means of achieving Republican government states’ rights and strict constructionism which he relented. Constructionist and a strong supporter of states ' rights and, therefore, the action of purchasing Louisiana presented a moral dilemma, he was either to stick to his principle or compromise and save the Republican government. President Jefferson believed following the principles of constructionism and the rights of the constitution, therefore acquiring Louisiana land made him unable to decide whether to uphold the principles compromise (Balleck).
Indeed as Jefferson attempted to help Napoleon in Santo Domingo, he quickly scrambled to concoct a smart strategy along the Mississippi. Napoleon in Louisiana would not look good for United States interests on Louisianan and Jefferson perceived that such a prospect may compel him into making a quite feared alliance with Britain. Favoring clash with France to accord with Britain, Jefferson got ready for the possibility of war. But he found two million dollars was uncommon costs, Jefferson likewise clutched trusts that Napoleon could be purchased out of New Orleans (Lewis).
Equipped with this cash in pocket, Jefferson sent Robert Livingston and James Monroe to France with guidelines to buy New Orleans and a lot of Florida as they could potentially gain. From
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