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For many educated people learning about the Holocaust can send them feelings of sorrow or deep remource. Not only for the meaning of the word, but why it is called that. The pure evil of the final solution created thought of and created by none other than Adolf Hitler will never stop haunting people more than half a decade later. One of the prominat things that everyone missed in his highly sold auto-biography "My struggle". The thought of solid hatrid found within the cover of the horiable book will always burn in the souls that it harmed from the day it began till the dawn of today. Soon after Hitler was released from prision capasity he was on a yellow brick path to his distinctive plan. He was released from a German jail for turning…show more content…
Before The Nazi's had overpowered any more counties WWII had began. First to declare was Britian, followed by France, Australia, and New Zeland. War had began on the continant of Europe. Although war was declared souly on Germany, their allies who signed the Tripartided act had a counter attack by Italy and Japan declaring right back. Even though war had been declared, Germany was still overthrowing countries. After the army was invade a section of land or a city, a few days after they had left the SS would follow and whipe out the rest of the undesirables within the estate. Mass shootngs would have a deep mental effect of the shoulders killing all these people day after day. Soon it lead to other ways of destroying the jewish and other hated races. Soon after the invasions were ending and Germany and the rest of the axis powers were starting to battle, America was trying its best to stay as far away from war as it could get. Japan had other plans though, on December 7th, 1941. The first US blood was sheded in WWII. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the first fighting on American soil since the Civil War. Thousands of Americans were killed that day, trying to defend themselves against the japanese suprise attack. Not long after the attack ended America declared war on Japan. Three days later the rest of the Tripartide act delared war on the US. By the time America had entered the war Germany, Italy, and Japan had been fighting for years

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