The Puritan Origins Of American Schooling

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The Puritan Origins of American Schooling: Reaction Paper The readings from the first class surfaced many controversial and prevalent themes. The readings called into question the role education plays in creating a Godly society, a cure for societal ills, enhancing fear, as well as the importance of religious ties. In this paper, I will react to the following themes through a lens of how these beliefs still hold true today.
As I read the readings for our first class I felt a sense of frustration and hope. I was frustrated because it remained so incredibly obvious that many of the systems that were created centuries are still alive and well today. However, at the same time I felt hopeful since, many of the puritan values rested on their morals and changes were implemented based upon this. I spend my life fighting against educational inequity, and I am often overwhelmed by the task.
Many of the readings mentioned that education served as a means to create a Godly society or used school as a catalyst to cure “social ills”. I would argue that this is still true today, numerous stakeholders express that education is the key to a bright future. I too believe that if we as educators provided every student with an excellent and rigorous education that we would no longer have such inequality in our nation. However, I have since been forced to situate the deep role that systematic racism, poverty, and violence plays into this utopia.
I was pushed on this idea after the murder of
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