The Puritan Society Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Many innocent people died in the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. If you were accused of being a witch or one with the devil, you would be sentenced to death or put in prison. The only one to blame for the deaths of the individuals is the Puritan Society. Without their absent minds, none of the deaths would have happened. The Puritan Society is very religious, therefore they believed strongly in going to church and most importantly in God. When someone in the town noticed someone practicing different religions, not going to church, or just acting differently than others, they were accused of being a witch. Some may argue that the Puritan Society had first hand evidence of people being witches. Someone in the town would blame another person for witchcraft and the authority would believe them because nobody who worshipped God could lie. If they were caught lying then they were confronted and put on trial for worshipping the devil. The Puritan Society definitely had good evidence and reasoning to kill innocent people and accuse them of being a witch. They actually didn’t have any real evidence if they were a witch or not. The Puritan Society based their answers off of what people saw or rumors people heard. Also, others accused individuals of witch craft if they specifically didn’t like that person. There were times that women would act as if they were a witch and accuse different individuals of witch craft and people of the town would believe them. For example,…
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