The Puritans And The Colonists

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TThe Puritans were a devout spiritual group that left England and traveled to North America seeking religious freedom from the Church of England. The Puritans trusted that the word of God was the law of the land and it presented them with a plan for surviving. Puritans believed in treating one another with respect, having benevolence for the fellow mankind, loving one another as if they were family and God would reward them based on how well they treated their neighbors. The Puritans, who believed all beings must be honorable to one another, hold themselves with high morals in society yet they failed to realize that their actions were not acceptable or Godly like because they took advantage and hurt the natives. They described the natives, as undisciplined savages, beasts and they believed that the natives did not have the right to retaliate. The Natives were certainly justified with their vengeance since their land was being invaded, their way of life was being jeopardized, and they were targets of colonization by the Puritans. The immigrants who traveled land forced harshest treatments on the natives. Everything was taken away for the sake of advancement of civilization, the conversion to Christianity, and displacing of Indian tribes. Mary Rowlandson’s saga, “A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration” described the Native Americans as black creatures of the night. She tried to portray the natives as cruel to the rest of the world yet the Puritans actually created

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