The Puritans And William Penn On Their Groups

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Chapter 3 Review Questions The different scrutinizes between the Puritans and William Penn on their groups as the spiritual experiment because William Penn didn’t have and restrictions and they had complete religious freedom, while the Puritans persecuted and kicked people out their church for trying to reform their religion. When William Penn established Pennsylvania he imagined it to become a place where you could have spiritual freedom and could have unity. Churches in Pennsylvania wasn’t established, it was voluntary to come to services and he condemned the right to worship as they desired. The puritans wanted a land based on only their belief. they held certain requirements while the Quakers welcomed everyone. The Puritans churches were unknown and religious services. for them was mandatory. ( Foner pg. 100-101, 2014 ) North America had many events that led to slavery. When Pennsylvania opened this led to an immediate decline in the number of indentured servants who want to go to Virginia and Maryland by sailing. After many people started to leave the colonies turn toward dependence on slave labor. Believing in the people of the new world thinking that they could depend on African slaves for the dimensions of its labor force, a force of slavery started when the unremitting of demands begun. Eventually it led to trans antic trade in slaves because of the great spread of tobacco lands. Slaves juxtaposed with the indentured servants when it came to the advantages of
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