The Puritans Religious Beliefs

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Critics often paint the Puritans as a miserable people, whose only concern was protecting themselves from the outside world. This, however, is not the only supposed offense the Puritans committed. These critics then protest that the Puritans, fixated on their desire of creating a skewed reality, eagerly stripped away any right one had that might contradict this delusional existence! Contrary to this opinion, the Massachusetts colony proved to be a community knitted together in their longing to serve God and desire to know their God-given liberties on these controversial issues of their day: marriages and families; physical labors and charitable activities; and finally, education and government.
First, the Puritans’ understanding of Biblical principles permitted them the freedom to enjoy the liberties God gave married couples, which ensured a stable foundation for raising a godly family. During this period, the Roman Catholic Church had continuously condemned sex between married persons while praising virginity to the point of worshiping it. However, the Puritans believed this view twisted God’s purpose for marriage and assumed the ideology came from the devil himself. The Puritans considered sex not only to be natural but necessary in bonding a husband and wife in the union God ordained! Studying verses like Hebrews 13:4 shows us that the Puritans’ interpretations of Scripture were accurate and that the Catholics were wrong in their assessment of God’s Word. While the
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