The Purnell Method Theory And Organizational Framework In Transcultural Health

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The Application of Being Culturally Competent Today’s society is consisting of various beliefs, values, and cultures. People are unique and have different ways of health perception and management. There are various ways to adapt and utilize better methods of providing the highest quality of patient care. However, being culturally competent can deliver an immense prevalence on social benefits, patient health outcomes, and organizational profits. The Purnell Method Theory and Organizational Framework in Transcultural Health Care Many Health care providers uses the Purnell Method theory to establish a learning concept that guides the characteristics of an individual’s culture, it is the definition of the “circumstances that affects a person’s cultural worldview in the context of historical perspectives” (Purnell, 2010) and ties in the central relationship of culture. The theory promotes proper deliverance of the competency in health care and correlates with the human quality in terms of being motivated, purpose and essence. The Purnell model is structured as a circle with the outer rim that represents global society, then the second rim is the representation of community and the third rim is a representation of family. In the inner circle of the model is divided into 12 section that depicts the cultural domain and their concepts of an individual. The 12 cultural domains are the organizing framework. The 12 cultural domains are important so that health care providers and all other aspects in the medical field can assist an individual, family, or group with their ethno-cultural attributes, localities, communication, family roles, workforce issues, biocultural ecology, high-risk behaviors, nutrition, pregnancy/childbearing practices, death rituals, spirituality, healthcare practices, and health care providers. The Purnell Method’s 12 Domains of Culture The twelve domains of the Purnell Model are the guiding theory for all health care members to follow, so that they can acknowledge and commit a competent and well-mannered application to service the patient. The first domain is the inhabited localities, and topography, it is the country of origin, current residence and effects of topography for both origins and

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