The Purpose In Life Essay

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Have you ever ask yourself what is the reason of your existence? What is your ultimate goal in life? and What can you do to have a successful life? In order to answer these questions, one must first find out the purpose of their life through their experiences and passion, it could be both short term and long term. Being able to figure out the purpose in life is not enough, one must know what it must take to make that happen, which can be fulfilled be a managing strategy. A successful working life and personal life is what everyone longed for. To achieve one’s purpose and have a successful life, one must first have a clear purpose in life, have a good management strategy, and combining those two together effectively and efficiently. First of all, having a clear purpose in life is what guides the person on how to use their life and for what reason. A person might not find or…show more content…
A person’s purpose in life evolves overtime, and can be change by life’s experience. Without the purpose in life, one can feel lost, out

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