The Purpose Of A National Cybersecurity Strategy

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The purpose of a national cybersecurity strategy:
In this recent past, the e-services, new technologies, and interconnected networks have become integral part of our daily life. Society, businesses, government and national defense depend entirely on the well-functioning of information technology and information infrastructures, communication, transportation, e-commerce, emergency services and financial services depend on the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information streaming these infrastructures. As our society become more reliable on IT, the availability and protection of these crucial facilities are increasingly becoming the topic of national consideration. The incidents that cause disruption of IT services and crucial
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R, 2012).
It is recommendable for the nations to have dynamic and flexible cyber security approaches and strategies that meet the new cyberspace global threats. It is worthy to note that developing a critical cyber security it is crucial to enhance an agreement and cooperation from different stakeholders.
Common principles and guidelines found in both guidance documents (ENISA and CTO):
Both the ENISA and CTO have common key strategies and objectives as measure to enhance cyber security (Dennis, 2014). These objectives include:
 To develop and increase cyber security defense and capabilities systems
 To help in decreasing cyber crimes and succeed in improving cyber resilience
 To support and help companies, countries, and individuals on cyber security
 To offer and increase awareness through providing security of information infrastructure
 Keeping the national digital values, protecting and endorsing specified information behaviors and rules
 Establishing a secure and safe place and better usage of information and communication in cyber domain
 Protecting and safeguarding the involved standards and IT products and conducting threat analyses universally and nationally
 Establishing a mutual training and learning opportunities international and nationally and take part in cyber programs
 Supporting and helping countries’ economic development by building and strengthening cyberspace infrastructures
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