The Purpose Of An Excellent Research Paper

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The brilliant purpose of research papers is to persuade the reader using appeals. The writer presents information about a topic while using sources to provide vital details found in their research. Whether written in a popular, informal tone or a serious, formal tone, credibility of the sources is always important. There are several steps to creating an excellent research paper. A topic page must be included, followed by the research paper itself, and the sources must be included at the end in a particular form depending on the style. To introduce a research paper, a topic page is included. The topic page consists of eight numbered parts. First, the writer must ask themselves a question. That question presents the issue to the reader and…show more content…
The writer must include how much information they know in the seventh part. The voice of the writer must be clear in order for the reader to understand the commentary given throughout the paper. And lastly, the writer should know exactly who would be reading their paper to understand how much they know about the subject and if they will be assuming or sure of what the writer says. The purpose of including sources in a research paper is to build the credibility of the writer. Providing information given by experts on subject relating to the article gives the reader a sense of truth and authority to what they are reading. There are a few core points to consider before using a source. If the information provided in the source includes data that is easily accessible and replicable the source is most likely credible. The accuracy of the source is highly important because anything slightly questionable can strike the reader as not credible and they may discredit your paper. If all points of view are given fairly the source is more likely to be useful. The authority of the source is also important. Considering the relevance strictly to your topic can concentrate you research and prove to make a more focused paper. If the writer avoids using slightly relevant information their paper can become much stronger. Another helpful thing to do is to check the sources used by the source if there are credible sources listed that is
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