The Purpose Of Education By John Taylor Gatto

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The Purpose Of Education
INTRO: Society has taught us all that in order for us to succeed in life or to someday amount to anything we must have an education first. This world is operated by so many educated and smart people but would they agree that school is the reason as to why they’ve become so successful? Throughout the years we acquire how to peruse, calculate and write but these are not the only essentials in life. As John Taylor Gatto once said, “Once you understand the logic behind modern schooling, its tricks and traps are fairly easy to avoid….. teach your own to think critically and independently” (Gatto 38). In other words, our current school systems are not teaching us as individuals but as categories. As we are tested and divided due to scores on test which pick and choose where we rank within the system. In my opinion, education should enable students to work together but also build up their own interests, empathy and the path towards knowledge of auspicious activity.
P1: Several weeks ago I had a conversation with my cousin Julius, where his question was “What was the whole point of school?”. I was compuzzled and in doubt of how to properly answer this question because I didn’t want for my opinion to contradict what to us all should be normal. As I’ve read this article “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto, Gatto points out why the system of American schooling is not initially what everyone expects it to be but what the real intentions truly are. His
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