The Purpose Of Education

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1. What is the purpose of education?
The purpose of education is to develop young minds with the values and principles that are required of a being a productive and thriving citizen. An education gives children the ability to think and reason critically. It is extremely important that children are educated to think for \right and wrong. For example, children that do not graduate high school. The number of adults in correctional facilities with high school diplomas versus those without are very unbalanced. The inmate’s that did not graduate high school, typically did not receive a solid foundation of the values, principles, and critical thinking skills needed to differentiate between right and wrong. Without a strong foundation, inmates’
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The child is more willing to try sitting, walking, etc. if they can watch someone else and mimic those actions.
Moreover, this is true for language as well. In my experience as a mother of 3, children that are exposed to older siblings tend to talk sooner, with a wider range of vocabulary and clarity. If there are no older siblings in the home, if parents use more complex language with their child and speak with more purpose, such as explaining and pointing out every day object, feelings, and actions. The child is more likely to learn by observing the language and trying to repeat it at a young age. If a child has a stimulating environment, then child will observe and interact with her surroundings, by playing, exploring, and evaluating. Observational learning is important for the child because by observing her parent’s social interaction, they can learn social cues and behaviors. If a parent is mean, violent, aggressive, the child will mimic these behaviors and may have issues interacting with other children. If these are the only attitudes they have observed, they will in-turn be mean and aggressive and lack the social skills to thrive.
This is also true in the classroom, like a parent a child will observe their teacher. She will look for her cues on the appropriate behavior, when to be quite and when to play. The child will

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