The Purpose Of Education

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Education is a process where individuals learn specialized skills to assist in progressing from one academic level of training to the next. Every child should be taught education has no limits regarding learning or career choices. Although students will graduate more than once in a lifetime, students must remember learning never stops because a diploma or degree was received. Every moment of every day will bring a new set of educational and career challenges, and hopefully, both students and teachers face all challenges with persistence.
Purpose of Education
The goal of an education is to become responsible and productive members of society. One can obtain the skills and knowledge needed by going to an accredited school, with licensed educators. In the past, attending class on campus was the only option to complete an education. Today, many routes are available for obtaining a diploma or degree such as two or four-year colleges, homeschooling, and online learning. Education, no matter the route individuals decide to take, will be the primary key leading to a successful career, along with hard work and determination.
History of Education
To understand the education field, one must research the origins. “Education in the United States began during the Colonial Period. The first grammar and secondary school was the Boston Latin school established in 1635. By law, all parents had to teach each child reading skills in 1642. The first higher learning

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