The Purpose Of Education Is Very Diverse And Ever Changing

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The purpose of education is very diverse and ever changing. Though I believe the purpose of education is to instill intellectual knowledge to develop students into well-educated individuals. This knowledge includes teaching students life skills that will help them throughout their lives to make good decisions that will lead to effective and successful lives. The purpose of education also takes on a bigger perspective as well. As I believe it is also important for student to learn good morals and emotional awareness. These skills and values will help students develop awareness of their selves and their peers. They help students gain empathy and compassion towards others throughout their lives. All of these knowledgeable skills are…show more content…
One of my roles as a teacher is to work as their encourager. I want to encourage students to reach their potential and pursue their interests. I also want to encourage students to challenge themselves to reach their goals that they have for their lives. As an encourager, I also hope to be a support for students. I want to support student ideas and their interests. I will use different approaches to help engage students, as not all students are interested in the same things and students also learn in different ways. One specific example is I will give the students a survey to take at the beginning of the year to learn which works of literature interests the students and have them list some ideas they would like to learn about during the school year. If possible I will try to incorporate these suggestions into my curriculum. By incorporating student interests into my lessons can help encourage students to be more engaged with the material they are learning. The role of the student is to be an active participant in the classroom and the learning experience. Students should be engaged in the class discussions and participate in the class lessons. Being an active participate means to actively take part in the class lessons, rather than the students just passively sitting in the class. I want my students to be interested and engaged in the lessons that are being taught. Ideally students and teachers should work together collaboratively to gain important knowledge. A
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